5 reasons to invest in an ERP

Having an integrated vision of business administration is a decisive factor for SMEs to become competitive in their performance market.

So it’s important for an employee to get the salary slip and understand how the salary was disbursed.

Small and medium-sized companies find in information technology the possibility of structuring their businesses better, with that, to grow and become more competitive in their market of action. One of the essential tools for a SME to stay in the market is the use of ERPs (Enterprise Resourcing Planning or Integrated Systems of Business Management).

In this way, SMEs can compete with tools or strategies as effective as those of large corporations. The use of structured data is an available and strategic resource, although for IT tools to help in business, it is necessary to know the main benefits they offer.

1. Excellence in financial management

The system helps keep the company’s finances under control in an organized manner. The accounts are settled within the term, avoiding fines and interest, in addition to allowing the accounts receivable to be managed, keeping the cash flow up to date. Another advantage of the ERP is that it is integrated with the electronic invoice system, speeding up emissions and shipments, in accordance with legal requirements.

2. Optimization of stock

One of the great secrets of good business for small organizations, regardless of the segment in which they operate, is the efficient control of their stock. To grow, it is essential to know the available quantity of products in stock, the need for replacement and the planning of production to reduce costs, among other processes.

Another positive point of the use of the ERP is that the company manages to keep the orders up to date. It helps to maintain all this control in real time, with the guarantee of correctly serving customers at the right time, allowing, as a consequence, to maintain the loyalty of satisfied customers.

3. End the re work

Companies that choose to use an integrated management system minimize the work of re-entering the same information into different files, for example, which decreases the opportunities to error.

4. Have more information in the hands

In addition to the data on stocks and products, the use of the ERP can offer information about the clients (claims and praises about the services or products offered), employees and even, data about the raw materials.

5. Worthwhile investment

With so many benefits, it is common for SMEs to find that routing management software is expensive. Technology is the basis for small and medium-sized companies to grow sustainably.

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