No more payroll slip ups

No more payroll slip ups

No more Payroll Slip Ups

If you are employed by contract, it is your sole right to get your salary slip.  But first we need to understand why we need payslips:

  • Someone need salary slip if they are looking for any loan on the basis of their job income or if they need life insurance.
  • Payslips tells the employee about their net pay (by clearly mentioning various components and deductions: statutory and administrative)
  • Payslip are important when we switch from one company to another and ask for pay hike. New company gonna ask about payslip to check our previous salary.

So it’s important for an employee to get the salary slip and understand how the salary was disbursed.

Unfortunately for startups and SME, there are so many activities, that the Boss has so small amount of time for non core activities like preparing salary slips. That’s why many employers do not provide salary slip to employees or provide only on request.

ERPNext as a solution

With ERPNext, you can pay your staff accurately and on time – every time. ERPNext greatly simplifies this process by offering an array of features that you can utilize from Salary Structure management to bulk processing Payroll of employees. Payroll Entry in ERPNext enables bulk processing of payroll for employees company wide or employees of a particular branch, department or designation. 

Payroll feature in ERPNext helps you create Salary Slips in bulk for selected employees, submit the created Salary Slips at once, send salary slips as PDF attachment to employees via automated email functionality, submit salary accrual entry and finally post bank entry for recording the salary payment, automating almost every step involved in payroll processing.

ERPNext takes care of payroll complexities for you and frees you to focus on activities to help you reach your business goals.

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