No more Spreadsheet

For many years, micro and small businesses have relied on the spreadsheet to manage their business. Although this tool is a good option for basic administration, it can eventually limit control over the company and become a costly task in terms of time.

Pros of using spreadsheets in the administration of your business:

  • Learning: most people already have basic knowledge of its use.
  • Accessibility: the spreadsheet is one of the most popular tools and in most cases it is already installed on the computer.
  • Cost: generally it is low cost and there are even free versions.

Cons of using spreadsheets as a management tool:

  • While one of its pros is that most people have basic knowledge, enable macros, generate interdependencies between documents, create formulas and generate reports requires a deep knowledge that not everyone has.
  • It is difficult to have a control of who modifies the records, maintain a history and retrieve an earlier version.
  • It is complicated to share it.
  • They do not have reliable information security systems.
  • Although the spreadsheets can be interconnected, this process makes the updating of the information more and more delayed, which leads to scattered controls that do not contribute to the construction of their competitive intelligence.
  • Updating spreadsheets is a job that takes too much time, which can compromise decision-making at a sensitive moment in your company, such as a new business opportunity or even a crisis. Ideally, you should have the strategic information concentrated in one place and in a few minutes you can evaluate the present and plan the future of your company.

ERPNext as a solution

The management of your company through software can help you a lot in terms of control and timing. While in the past these systems used to be expensive and complicated for an SME, today there are solutions in the cloud with very affordable prices.

    ERPNext allows you to take complete control of your company in a very simple and uncomplicated way. In one place, manage your inventory, stores, purchases, sales, perform electronic invoicing, human resources management, CRM and more.
    Reduce manual bookkeeping and avoid mistakes by automating your financial accounting with ERPNext.

      Contact us to obtain all the benefits that spreadsheets can not provide.

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