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Tell us about your company, its products, its history

Pixi Technologies is an IT and Marketing Service Company. Pixi Texhnologies is keen to help you achieve your business goals by making expertise work for you. Our company provides business management software for organizations
Some of the services provided by Pixi Technologies are Website Development, Social Media Management, ERP Consultancy, Website SEO, Digital Marketing.

How did you discover ERPNext?

After working for many years as web developers, we finally got a client who didn’t need a website, but rather wanted an ERP System for their office, a close friend tells us that there is this very affordable online ERP that we should checkout, our search for that suitable ERP System started and led us into the world of ERPNext. Then tested out the trials of all systems available and immediately saw that ERPNext is the most promising platform.

    Why did you choose to implement an ERP system?

    With 50+ projects, we saw the need of having a good system in place to help us manage all that. After all We are IT Services company, it wouldn’t make any sense deploying Business management solutions for our clients while our selves we are still struggling internally.
    ERPNext fit for all our use cases and decided to implement it. Seemed very simple, neat and consistent UI in the beginning. As we deep dived, we found the framework underneath to be even better and the customization options were very neatly modelled in the entire package.

    Share some insights from your implementation process. How did you manage the change process from what you used to do previously?

    We used to manually create quotation by using Microsoft word. By then you will have found a lot of folders created in our computers. Every client will have their own separate folder.
    All our accounting were done in excel. As our business grew, excel didn’t seem to serve us well. This was hurting our business.
    So we worked together to first understand the existing processes and looked for the options present in ERPNext. Most of the options were available out of the box, so minimal configuration was required. The change process with users was smooth as users were able pick up the user interface with minimal training. We are using ERPNext for our in house business processes and accounting.

    What modules did you end up using? And how?

    We use everything from CRM, Accountings, Sales, Purchases, Projects and Help Desk Module. Basically everything other than HR and Payroll. We started off very small, with very basic features like Adding customers, leads and opportunities. As our expertise and confidence in ERPNext grew we rolled out Supplier, Purchase, accounting, Project modules also. We later gradually added workflows and transactions for other internal business processes.

    In CRM module, we track business Opportunities from Leads and Customers together with their contact details, send them Quotations and make confirmed Sales Orders.

    We are a small team, we don’t have an accountant, and it was getting quite difficult for us to maintain our ledgers. So in Accounting Module has helped us to

    • Create sale invoices for customers. The bills that you raise to your Customers for the products or services you provide.
    • Purchase Invoice: Bills that out Suppliers give you for their products or services.
    • Journal Entries: For accounting entries, like payments, credit and other types.

    Since all the accounting reports like trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loos are already automatically generated by the system, it then became easy for us to maintain our ledgers.

    We are a service business, which doesn’t have a tangible product to showcase their value, needs to get many things right to stay afloat and grow in the industry. Project Module helps us manage our Projects by breaking them into Tasks and allocating them to different people. We also track Purchasing and selling against Projects and this can help the company keep tabs on its budget, delivery and profitability for a Project.

    What are the business challenges which you face? How do you overcome them?

    ERPNext being a cloud ERP it requires internet. The only challenge we face is when we have no internet access. Other than than that Backed up by the very supportive community. Over time we are very happy with the support we received from the community that really helped us push our implementation along.

    What are the best things about ERPNext?

    • ERPNext has very low cost.
    • Is web-based, so no need of installing computer software at client location.
    • Needs no installation on any computer, just internet and a browser is sufficient.
    • Is Online, thus there is real-time sharing of data across the world
    • Beautiful user interface that comes out of the box is great as people are able to pick up intuitively.
    • The ease of configuring all modules to suit our specific requirements is commendable.
    • Strong permissions system means we can roll out to more users based on individual needs
    • Support by a good community

    What were the key outcomes / benefits for your organization from implementing ERPNext

    ERPNext has saved us a lot of time which would have been spent if we would have built something like this from scratch. This represents a significant boost in productivity.
    A single package to contain all our formal business process needs as well as to systemize adhoc and tactical needs/requirements as well with same ease.

    Does ERPNext make any difference to the way you do business?

    ERPNext has contributed greatly to a culture of transparency so we can focus on delivering value and solving business problems. Instead of spending scarce time and resources on questions like “what happened?” and “where do we find the details?” – which ERPNext helps greatly in, we can focus on “how do we solve this?” and delight our customers.

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